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DDR Extreme Info.

The official Konami DDR EX site can be found here:

Oni Course Info.
Nonstop Course Info.

Ok, so first, I guess you want the basic songlist (by Genre). Note: Bgn=Beginner, Lgt=Light, Std=Standard, Hvy=Heavy. @

Bgn Lgt Std Hvy Oni Lgt Std Hvy Oni

From DDR Extreme
Burnin' The Floor (Momo Mix)1468-468-
Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)1479-479-
Dance Dance Revolution347994799
Hyper Eurobeat1347-368-
I Do I Do I Do1258-358-
La Copa De La Vida1357-357-
Love <3 Shine1447-348-
Paranoia Survivor35810-6810-
Paranoia Survivor Max3581010681010
Senorita (Speedy Mix)1368-368-
Speed Over Beethoven1368-359-
The Legend of Max36910-6910-
Trip Machine Survivor1589-589-
Vanity Angel1368-358-
We Are the Champions1357-357-
We Will Rock You1357-357-

From DDR Max 2
Afronova (Oni Remix)----8---8
AM-3P (AM-East Mix)----7---7
B4U (B4 ZA Beat Mix)----7---7
Brilliant 2U (K.O.G. G3 Mix)----7---7
Burnin' The Floor (Blue Fire Mix)----7---7
Candy (Vocal)2357-357-
Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance Mix)----8---8
Dive to the Night1357-367-
Drop Out (from Nonstop Megamix)----9---9
Dynamite Rave (B4 ZA Beat Mix)----7---8
Ecstasy (Midnight Blue Mix)----8---8
ever snow1258-268-
Higher (Next Morning Mix)----7---7
It's Raining Men1257-257-
Kakumei14698359 8
Little Boy1368-369-
Living in America1357-368-
Long Train Runnin'1257-357-
Matsuri Japan (from Nonstop Megamix)----7---7
Maximum Overdrive1248-158-
Maxx Unlimited36810-6810-
My Summer Love (Tommy's Smile Mix)----7---7
rain of sorrow1259-258-
Secret Rendez-vous1257-257-
Sexy Planet (from Nonstop Megamix)----7---7
Silent Hill (3rd Christmas Mix)----7---7
Still in my Heart (Momo Mix)----8---8
Superstar (from Nonstop Megamix)----7---7
Sweet Sweet Magic2369-369-
The Reflex1258-257-
There You'll Be1368-268-
Tsugaru (Apple Mix)----9---8
Waka Laka1368-3 68-
Wild Rush (from Nonstop Megamix)----7---7

From DDR Max
Cow Girl1358-347-
Do You Remember Me1258-259-
Exotic Ethnic2459-469-
Sobakasu (Freckles)1357-458-
Highs Off U1157-258-
I'm in the Mood for Dancing1358-347-
Let's Groove1256-347-
Lovin' You1268-358-
Max 30036810-6810-
My Sweet Darlin'1348-458-
Nori Nori Nori1357-358-
Ordinary World1147-457-
So Deep1359-269-
Somewhere Over the Rainbow1357-357-
Telephone Operator (Club Mix)1357-357-
The Centre of the Heart1257-257-
True (Radio Edit)1257-357-
true... (Trance Sunrise Mix)1358-368-
Twilight Zone1359-358-
Witch Doctor1348-268-
WWW.BLONDE Girl1147-247-
Yozora no Mukou1258-249-

From DDR 5th Mix
Can't Stop Falling...Speed Mix1469-469-
Healing Vision1368-369-
Insertion2469-46 8-
Paranoia Eternal2569-56 9-
Remember You1135-135-
Still in my Heart1467-457-

From DDR 4th Mix
Baby Baby Gimme Your Love1136-246-
Burnin' The Floor1467- 468-
Love Again Tonight1467-467-
My Summer Love1369-35 8-
Orion .78 Ameuro Mix1359-357-
Rhythm and Police2469-479-
Saint Goes Marching1469-468-
Synchronized Love1458-468-
Trip Machine Climax2579-579-

From DDR 3rd Mix
Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)1479-579-
Dam Damiram1468-458-
Dead End2579-678-
Dynamite Rave15799568 8
End of the Century1479-569-
gentle stress1578-579-
Gradiusic Cyber1579-589-
Jam Jam Reggae1278-358-
La Senorita1467-469-
Luv to me1478-568-
Paranoia Rebirth2679-689-
Silent Hill1267-457-

From DDR 2nd Mix
Brilliant 2U145 674578
Brilliant 2U Orchestra Groove156784578
El Ritmo Tropical1267-457-
Get Up'n Move1578-677-
I Believe in Miracles1568-678-
If You Were Here1567-677-
Keep on Movin1456-467-
Paranoia Max1688-789-
Put Your Faith In Me1346-456-
SP - Trip Machine Jungle Mix1678-788-

From DDR 1st Mix
Let's Get Down134583477
Little Bitch145685678
Make it Better1457-577-
Paranoia 1801678-789-
Trip Machine1678-788-

From DDR Solo
Can't Stop Falling in Love1358-348-
Celebrate Nite1467-467-
Drop Out3579-579-
Paranoia Evolution2678-579-
Sexy Planet2567-457-
Sky High (dj Miko)2247-357-
Wild Rush2456-468-

From DDR Club Mix
20, November1347- 479- 258-
Be In My Paradise1136- 379-
celebrate1458- 588-
Dr. LOVE1357- 356-
e-motion1346- 568-
Genom Screams1568- 6810-
Jam Jam Reggae1248- 379-
Luv to me (Disco Mix)1479- 488-
R31567- 689-
ska a go go1689- 689-

From DDR Home Versions
After the Game of Love1145- 246-
AM-3P 303 Bass Mix1367-567-
Cutie Chaser1347- 357-
Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix)1235-246-
Dive ~More Deep and Deeper Style~1357- 356-
Do It Right1457- 458-
Do It Right (Harmonized 2Step Mix)1467-357-
Drop The Bomb1456-456-
Drop The Bomb -System S.F. Mix1357-346-
Dynamite Rave (Down Bird SOTA Mix)1 457-357-
Groove1468- 468-
Groove 20011467- 467-
Healing Vision Angelic Mix2579- 579-
Kind Lady1467-458-
La Senorita Virtual1788- 678-
Let The Beat Hit 'Em1356- 356-
Look To The Sky1357- 357-
Look To The Sky (True Color Mix)1 467-357-
Love This Feeling2578- 678-
Midnite Blaze1458- 458-
On The Jazz1257- 357-
Orion .78 Civ Mix1689- 689-
Paranoia KCET Clean Mix1579-579-
Share My Love1357- 345-
So In Love1367-467-
think ya better D1345- 347-
Trip Machine Luv Mix1678-789-

From Para Para Paradise
Hold on me1356-356-

From Dance Maniax
Afronova Primeval246 9-469-
Broken My Heart1459-469-
Heaven is a '57 Metallic Gray2468-468-
Kiss Me All Night Long1358-358-
Matsuri Japan2459-468-
Mobo Moga1367-367-
Stay (Organic House Version)1367-357-

From Keyboard Mania
Frozen Ray (for Extreme)1469-368-
Pink Rose1358-357-

From Guitar Freaks/Drum Mania
Across the Nightmare356895689
Destiny Lovers1359-258-
I'm gonna get you!1357-357-
JET WORLD1358-468-
Mikkeneko Rock2358-258-
The Least 100 Seconds3578-588-

From Pop'n Music
Love Love Sugar1457-357-
Door of Magic2458-458-
White Lovers1247-258-

From Mambo A Go-Go
Gamelan de Couple1358-359-
La Bamba1358-458-

From Beatmania
321 Stars2468-478-
BE LOVIN2369-368-
Hysteria 2001--- -7---7
Miracle Moon1357-257-
Sana Morette Ne Ente1258-258-

From Beatmania III
feeling of love1457-457-
Twin Bee (Gen. X)1468- 468-

From Beatmania IIDX
Blue Impulse (for Extreme)1358-358-
Burning Heat1259-269-
Colors (for Extreme)135793579
Don't Stop1457- 346-
Electro Tuned1569- 468-
Happy Wedding1357-356-
i feel...1369-259-
I Was The One1357- 356-
L'amour et la liberte1468-467-
Last Message1367-367-
Leading Cyber1579- 479-
Mr. T (Take Me Higher)1357- 357-
Sakura358109 68109
Spin the Disc1258-258-
stoic (Extreme version)1479-379-
Sync14789 4789
V (for Extreme)146893589
Xenon1469- 569-

Go Here for Nonstop Course Info.

Go Here for Oni Course Info.

Hidden (Unlocked) Songs

Twin Bee (Generation X)Sakura
Heaven is a '57 Metallic GrayAcross the Nightmare
Last MessageThe Least 100 Seconds
Burnin' The Floor (Momo Mix)Look to the Sky (True Color Mix)
Dynamite Rave (Down Bird SOTA Mix)Trip Machine Survivor
Paranoia SurvivorParanoia Survivor Max
The Legend of MaxDance Dance Revolution

Unlock Codes

JLEDKZT - KOZGDJJ (unlocks items 1-6 only)
UBNRXAO - UJGPQQI (unlocks items 1-9 only)
PVAGUPM - UALPOEZ (unlocks items 1-15 only)
RVNYIXO - YKAWEM_ [that last one is a space, not an underbar] (unlocks items 1-18 only)
SQFRXYY - JSBERAH (unlocks items 1-24 only)
JHEDXF_ - ALZSMSH [that last one is a space, not an underbar] (unlocks items 1-27 only)
BWUVHBK - KVXFXYA (unlocks all items 1-30)


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