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English DDR/Bemani/Music Game Sites
The UK's Largest DDR Site
Seattle and Portland Arcade / DDR CommunitySeattle and Portland Arcade / DDR Community
UK-based Dancing Game Site
Large General Bemani/Music Game News/Discussion Site
An internet talk program dedicated to video games & the gamer lifestyle. Includes news and discussion forum sections.
A Large Music Gaming News Site
International Machine Dance Community
Positive Gaming, makers of iDance
One of the oldest and (at one time) quintessinal DDR Sites
Canadian-based DDR/Music Game Discussion Forums
The New England Regional Hotspot
News/Discussions Related to In The Groove and related simfiles
(a.k.a. Rhythmatic.net) Primarily a Discussion site on Music Game and related discussion
IIDX-based fan/news site
Beatmania IIDX Scorekeeping, Ranking, And Community
In The Groove News/Information site related to the technical aspects/modification of ITG Machines
Dance Game News/Discussion Site (still under development)
The Midwest's Premier Rhythm Gaming Community
Drummania and Guitar Freaks Resource
For Rhythm Game Addicts
Atlanta's Bemani Scene
Utah's Music Game Scene

Score Tracker Sites

Score Tracking Site for In The Groove and Pump It Up Pro
Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove Score Tracker
Recall, home of DD:Recall for DDR Score Tracking and Groove Track for ITG Scores
Japanese DDR Score Tracking Site
The BacaMAX DDR Internet Ranking page (Japanese language)
Zenius i Vanisher also has its own DDR/DS score tracker

Foreign Language Gaming Sites

Bemani Inside (French Language)
DDR Puerto Rico (Spanish Language)
DDR Planet (Italian Language)
German-based DDR community (German Language)
Dance Gaming Europe (Mostly English)
Tanssipelit Music Game/Tournament Site (Finnish Language)
Chinese Bemani site based out of Macau (Chinese Language)
Yosaku's Bemani News/Information site (Japanese language)
Japanese Bemani-Related News Site
LWorld's Personal Blog (with many links) (Japanese Language)
Precise-san's Personal Blog. Mostly Gaming and Food.

Other Gaming Resource Sites

Japanese DDR Machine Location Search Engine
Japanese Bemani Wiki