AIJFont Project

This is an ongoing idea that actually only partially came into fruition recently. The "AARONIN.JP" logo at the top (formerly AARONINJAPAN.COM) was made from piecing together the arrow images used in the game Dance Dance Revolution in various iterations and deformations. I always wanted to make it a font of some kind but was unaware how to even start

Years later I discovered two programs that helped me make this a (partial) reality: Adobe Illustrator and Fontographer. Using those two pieces of software I was able to blow up and vectorize the original bitmap fonts I hacked together many years ago (based on the letters used in the logo put together in conjunction with various AIJ forum users' ideas.

(Here is the original bitmap and the slightly enlarged vector version I made)

Using Fontographer I was able to import the letters one by one and make it into a usable font (somewhat). Here is the result of the initial work:

The word art used in Microsoft Word gives some nice effects I find. The font does really only look good at larger sizes and I am thinking about smaller case letters and symbols, but in the meantime you can check out the work I have here. (Warning: Typing a character not in the font will revert you back to another/previously used font)

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