Welcome to my site, "Aaron in Japan"

Over several years and domains, my 'home' on the internet currently lies here, as a member of the Faereal network.

Although many come here in search/interest of information/media related to the game "Dance Dance Revolution" by Konami or my appearances in media such as the Kodansha publication "Arcade Mania", the independent film "100 Yen - The Japanese Arcade Experience", the BBC's "Lord of the Dance Machine", or even my work as Project Lead for the translation project "Retro Game Challenge 2", this page is my personal homepage where I share my interests such as puzzles and Artificial Intelligence as well as my resume.

The ever-expanding and constantly updated DDR site/forum content is located in the Dance Dance Revolution section accessed by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of this page. Some have suggested I just make the DDR page the main index page based on the number of hits/visitors to that section alone, but I wouldn't want people to get the mistaken impression that all I do is play DDR.

Please forgive my occasional changes to the page design. I experiment with various web techniques and tricks, so I may change the theme and functionality of the page from time to time.

- Aaron

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