The scoring system for DDR MAX 2 (7th Mix) is as follows:

The scoring system is similar to DDR MAX, except freeze steps are calculated the same as a regular step, and the individual bonuses in MAX are gone for a much simpler scoring system. To clarify, if you step on a freeze arrow, you get the step score for hitting the step initially, and the next step score when you (if you) get an "OK" on the freeze arrow.

A single step's points are calculated as follows:

So, the score for one step is: *Remember* : Double steps (U+L, D+R, etc.) count as two steps instead of one *for your combo count only*, so if you get a double L+R on the 112th step of a song, you score is calculated for only one step, not two, as the combo counter might otherwise imply.

Now, through simple algebraic manipulation

So, for example, suppose we wanted to calculate the step score of a "Great" on the 57th step of a 441 step, 8-foot difficulty song (I'm just making this one up):

Remember this is just the score for the step, not the cumulative score up to the 57th step.

Also, there is a "bonus" for the final step of a song, that evens out the score to a multiple of 10,000,000 if you get all Perfects. This bonus is calculated as follows:

Note: if you got all Perfect on this song, you would get (p=10)*B, which is 80,000,000. In fact, the maximum possible score for any song is the number of feet difficulty X 10,000,000.

Also, in the song selection screen, the graph used in MAX still exists, but is now merely cosmetic. It may appear that the graphs for songs also featured in MAX have shrunk, but they are still the same size- the fourth (outer) ring of the Groove Radar has been noticeably expanded for MAX2, while all four "bullseye" rings have the same thickness in MAX.

Next, If your machine is set to more than 3 songs, only the last 3 songs count towards your final score (for internet ranking purposes and such).

Finally, your rank:

Each song has a certain number of "Dance Points" assigned to it. For regular arrows, this is 2 per arrow. For freeze arrows, it is 6 per arrow. When you add this all up, you get the maximum number of possible "Dance Points".

Your "Dance Points" are calculated as follows:

Based on the percentage of your total "Dance Points" to the maximum possible number, the following rank is assigned:

Note on ONI Mode scoring

While in ONI mode, a percentage indicator gradually increases as you play. This is directly based on the same method used to calculate your rank at the end of a regular song. It is the number of "Dance Points" you currently have as a percentage of the maximum possible number of "Dance Points", which is calculated *slightly* different from non-oni mode play.

For instance, take this results screen for Demon Road 2 (on the 2P side)
Click here for the screen shot (Internet Ranking codes purposely scratched out)

As you can see, I have 1915 Perfects, 197 Greats, 0 Goods, 0 Boos, 0 Misses, and all 36 OKs.

The total number of Dance Points is calculated using all Perfects and OK's. Your earned Dance Point total is calculated as follows:

Perfects and OKs: +2 points,
Greats: +1 point, and
everything else: +0 points.

Hence, the maximum number (for this course) becomes:

((1915 + 197) * 2) + (36 * 2) =
(2112 * 2) + (36 * 2) =
4224 + 72 = 4296

And my number of Dance Points works out to:

(1915 * 2) + (197 * 1) + (2 * 36) =
3830 + 197 + 72 = 4099

Now, dividing my number of points by the maximum number of points, multiplying by 100, and dropping everything past one decimal place, you get the same percentage result as that listed on the screenshot, 95.4% (In actual calculation it is 95.41%, though.)

Note: You combo counter only increased with a "Perfect", and double Perfect steps (left and right, etc.) only add 1 to your combo instead of 2. The combo counter thus becomes a "Perfect" counter.

Note on DDRMAX2 (JP & US) Home Version Endless Mode Scoring

The score you get for your combo depends on the difficulty you're playing. For example, you get more points per step playing on Light than on Heavy, but fewer steps.

Let C = combo after stepping (Jumps are +2, steps +1)

Freeze Arrow: If it is OK'd, at the time the score is awarded, you receive the equivalent of a Perfect with respect to your current combo. This means that if you OK a freeze arrow with a Good or Boo, you get zero points for the OK unless some steps come up while you hold the freeze, to increase your combo. NG's are worth 0. But do not affect your combo.

Note: Beginner steps are only available in USA version.

Random Examples:

Kakumei (Challenge): First two steps are jump, step. So:

Dynamite Rave (Challenge): Four long freezes: (scores rounded for readability)

Note on DDRMAX2 (US only) Home Version Nonstop Mode Scoring

In all of the courses available including Random All (the one with 6 stages and random mods), excluding Player's Best 1-4, Player's Best 5-8, Player's Best Long, and Random Caprice, the scoring is based on the number of feet each song has. It is exactly like normal mode- if you play a 5-foot song, it is worth 50 million points regardless of its position within the course. Step and point breakdowns are exactly the same as normal mode, and combos carry over between songs.

On Player's Best 1-4, 5-8, and Random Caprice, your score is based out of 100 million points, just like in Extreme. The songs' values are:
First song = 10,000,000
Second song = 20,000,000
Thrid song = 30,000,000
Fourth song = 40,000,000.

For Player's Best Long, the songs' values are:
1st, 2nd songs = 10,000,000 each
3rd, 4th songs = 20,000,000 each
5th, 6th songs = 30,000,000 each
7th, 8th songs = 40,000,000 each
For a grand total of 200 million points.

Special Note: Original NS Course scoring is foot-based, except songs are only worth 1 million per foot instead of 10. This prevents an overflow when someone strings up 20 hard songs in a row.

MAX2 Endless and Nonstop systems were drived by Taren N.


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