The scoring system for DDR 5th Mix is as follows:

DDR 5th Mix's scoring system is insane. I get a headache thinking about it. It is close to 3rd Mix is some ways, but different in others. In this mix, the initial difficulty counter has the largest effect on your maximum score. Also, there is a bonus applied at the end of the song based on your rank (ending bonus) (AAA,AA,A,B,C,D,E)

First, the base score of a stage is determined by difficulty (this ranges from 1 to 9)

Which is the same as: Hence, a 8 foot difficulty song's maximum base score would be: However!!! If the song is a Long-Version song, we need to multiply the difficulty by 2. Here is an example with a 7 foot difficulty song: Okay, the player gets bonuses per step based on how well the player is stepping

Hence, if a player gets all "Perfect"s, on a 9 foot difficulty stage:

...And if this were a long version:

An all "Great" Max Score is hence half the above.
All "EDIT" (homemade) data gets a rating of 7 steps regardless of content

A single step's points are calculated as follows:

So, the score for one step is: Now, through simple algebraic manipulation This is very similar to how 3rd Mix scoring worked, except in 3rd Mix a normal mode song always had a maximum value (all Perfect) of 10,000,000. Now the maximum value is based on the song's Difficulty (not the number of steps). But the relative value of each step is similar to 3rd Mix, with the later steps being worth more points, regardless of your combo.

So, for example, suppose we wanted to calculate the step score of a "Perfect" on the 40th step of a 350 step 8 step difficulty song (Not a Long-Version Song):

Remember this is just the score for the step, not the cumulative score up to the 40th step.

Also, there is a "bonus" for the final step of a song, that evens out the score to a multiple of 5,000,000 if you get all Perfects. This bonus is calculated as follows:

Now, your normal score accumulates during the game, but your bonus is awarded all at once at the Results screen. There are two bonuses: a Combo Bonus and a Dance Level Bonus (note: the dance level bonus is only received one time per song. Repeated plays of a song do not earn the dance level bonus, nor do songs from previous mixes (songs written in blue letters)).

The Combo Bonus is similar to the DDR 4th Mix scoring system:

Your Combo Bonus goes up by (Q*C) after each step. So a Perfect on the first step of a combo will add 55 to it, and a Perfect on the 100th step of a combo will add 5500 to it. The maximum Combo Bonus for a song, which is from an all Perfect full-combo, is 55*S. [S is the same S calculated in the Step Score] For a 100 step song, this would be 277,750. For a 400 step song, it would be 4,411,000.

Finally, your rank:

Each step has a value of two "Dance Points" assigned to it. When you add them all up, you get the maximum number of possible "Dance Points". (Equal to 2 * N)

Your earned "Dance Points" are calculated as follows:

The Dance Level Bonus is simple.

***Important Note: If your song is a Long Version, your Dance Level bonus is doubled!

The Combo Bonus doesn't have a huge effect on the score unless you get AA or AAA.

So there you have it. To finish, the best possible score (with bonuses) for a 9-step difficulty, 400 step song is:

Stage Score + Combo Bonus + Dance Level Bonus

5th Mix grading system derived by Taren N.

Point of Interest: In 5th Home Version's Information menu, there is an entry called "Total Score," which adds up all the entries from your records page. If you AAA every song on Basic, Trick, and Maniac on Single and Double, the highest this number will go is 13,118,666,300 points.


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