The scoring system for DDR 3rd Mix (including 3rd Mix Plus, Asian, Korean v1, Korean v2, Japanese versions, and DDR USA) is as follows:

The scoring system for the 3rd Mix is very different. In this system, high scores are not determined by large combos, and the maximum score for any one song is 10,000,000 This is generally believed to be the most *fair* system of scoring, but many would rather totally annihilate their opponent with an exponentially higher score than for it to come down to a few points.

First, we need to calculate the base step score P:

From this, if the step is "Perfect", multiply P by 10.
Likewise, if the step is "Great", multiply P by 5.
Finally, a "Good" or worse, multiply P by 0.
If your life bar becomes depleted, but you continue to play (due to Versus mode or Autofail off), P is replaced by 1.

Also, there is a "bonus" for the final step of a song, that evens out the score to 10,000,000 if you get all Perfects. This bonus is calculated as follows:

Let us call this new value S

If this is the 2nd step, multiply S by 2,
If this is the 3rd step, multiply S by 3,
and so on...

Here is an illustration with a 4 step song (not that any actually exist):

Now, this means:

If the step is "Perfect", S = 100,000 * 10 = 1,000,000
If the step is "Great", S = 100,000 * 5 = 500,000
If the step is "Good", S = 100,000 * 0 = 0

The bonus, Q, is 10 * (1,000,000 - int[1,000,000 / 10] * 10) = 0 points for this song. Bummer.

So, if we had all "Perfect":

Step 1: Score = (1,000,000 * 1) = 1,000,000
Step 2: Score = Previous Score + (1,000,000 * 2) = 3,000,000
Step 3: Score = Previous Score + (1,000,000 * 3) = 6,000,000
Step 4: Score = Previous Score + (1,000,000 * 4) + Bonus = 10,000,000

Let's Do it again with a few "Greats" thrown in:

However, let me illustrate another situation:

See? You will get a higher score if you get your "Perfect"s at the end as opposed to the beginning, but if you have been studying the above equation, and are proficient in basic algebra, you already knew this (^_^)

Also, "S" is incremented only as step judges are determined. If you miss one step, and get a Perfect on the next BEFORE the first one is judged as Missed, you receive points (and a raise in combo) according to what S would have been had that second step come first.

Your stage Grade is calculated as follows:

Grading system derived by Taren N.

DDR 3rd Mix Home Version Endless Mode Scoring

Just like 1st and 2nd mixes, you get a score based on combo, using the familiar int(C/4) formula. You also get a bonus for your stage number. By this formula, you can tell there is more emphasis on stage count rather than combo length.

Let C = current combo, including step.
Let S = current stage number
Let M = int(C/4) = temporary combo factor
Let E = int((S-1)/8) + 1 = temporary stage exponent
Let L = (S^3 - S^2) = temporary stage multiplier. (If stage is 1, make L '1' instead of '0'.)

Using these temporary variables, the formula determining the value of each step is as follows:
Perfect = (M^E + 1) x 300 x L
Great = Perfect / 3.

Substituting the equations back in, it is:
Perfect = [int(C/4)^(int((S-1)/8)+1)+1]x300x(S^3-S^2)
Great = Perfect / 3.

If you break your combo, rather than starting from scratch, a provisional combo multipler is used. This is very useful, especially if you have a big combo and a bad break. Let's say (M^E + 1) is your combo multiplier, called M' (M-prime). This steps up by one every four combo, and even faster in later stages. If you break your combo, a provisional combo multiplier is used, set at int[(M' + 1) / 2]. This provisional multiplier is used until M' exceeds P. That way you don't start from scratch. If you break your combo while M is less than P, P is reassigned to int[(P+1)/2] until M' exceeds that.

I started stage 2 with a 69 combo. I got a perfect on the next step, so I get 21600 points.

I comboed my way up to 81, then got a miss. On the next step, I got a Perfect and 13200 points. If it weren't for the provisional multiplier, I would have received 1200 points. Here's how it works: After a second perfect, I got another miss, and a perfect with 7200 points. DDR 3rd Endless Scoring derived by Taren N.


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